The Passion of Creative Mind
A Course In Miracles International Healing Convention demonstrating the perfect harmony of our very
own transformation and awakening to the joy and happiness that is the Eternal Life we share with God.
In this unique 10-day occurrence of A Course In Miracles, we will let the voice of resurrected man have its say, and share the transforming passion of creative mind, so beautifully orchestrated and demonstrated in the incomparable art, drama, music and poetry of illuminate teachers from around the world.
We will admit to this simple and singular manner of re-establishing communication with the Universe, through the very personal and complete transformation of the conceptual condition that constitutes human existence.
Join us in this unforgettable experience of our escape from the bondage of space and time through the passionate expression of our healed mind to the Light and Love of God.
The Program for this event is an occurrence of miraculous correspondence. We are revolutionized to a spontaneously creative self-identity through the power of singular Universal Reality.
It is the integration of the religion of our nature and the philosophy of our being through the art and science of our mind into the brilliantly fearless new reality that is our evolutionary destiny.
The presentation for these ten days will be under the following very broad headings:
International Exhibition of the unique expression of illuminate minds in the visual arts. A recognition of our wondrous single identity brought about by the heightened awareness of creative self-expression through the mutual occurrence of a transforming visual experience.
A laboratory of the direct process of spontaneous healing through the enlightened perceptual energy of your mind. An ongoing workshop of enlightenment through continuing application of the lessons and text of A Course In Miracles. Practicing the direct process of spontaneous healing through the confrontation of your healing energy of love with the inherently fearful sickness and death dedication of the human conditional mind.
The Creative Communication
of Writing and Sound
The ancient melody of perfect peace. A celebration of the joy of awakening through the words and music of illuminate authors, composers and instrumentalists from around the world.
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